Sadly Microsoft fixed the bug MSNSpy was using to know if a contact was blocking you.
So until I find a new trick it's only possible to tell who removed you from their contact list.

In short...

Because Microsoft totally redesigned Live Spaces, I had to go back and find a new trick. After an extensive research study that mostly consisted in me combing through my friends' lame profiles, I noticed that when a contact's blocking you there's no "Post a note" link on the page. So the concept which was to check your contacts' Windows Live profile pages to know whether or not they're blocking you essentially remains the same as before, it's just the specifics that change.
While I was at it, I also redesigned most of the code to make it faster, more reliable and overall 79.6% more betterer.

Anyway, medium-sized story short, it works better than ever:

What's new?

  • Password encryption is now optionnal

In some rare cases password encryption was apparently causing authenification failures. I'm guessing it's because the RSA script I shamelessly used is flawed in one way or another and because I worked very hard to forget all those years of maths, I'm not about to fix it. Maybe I'll look into a way to use PHP's Mcrypt and a Javascript implementation instead but meanwhile, if you're getting a "Couldn't login to Windows Live" error and you're absolutely sure you didn't just forget your password, you can try unchecking the box.

  • New authentification method

Previously, the script would emulate a browser submitting the Windows Live login form. That involved a lot of requests and some really hazardous parsing. Honestly, the fact that it worked was nothing short of a miracle. Or because I'm awesome. Anyway, now all it does is send a simple SOAP request to the Windows Live login server the way God (Microsoft) intended. It's faster and a hell of a lot more reliable.

  • New way to fetch the contact list

MSNSpy used to implement part of the MSNP9 protocol in order to act kinda like a MSN client and retrieve the contact list, which was very cool but, once again, not very reliable. As of v2.0, it will instead send SOAP requests to the MSN contacts webservice and while the end result is the same, because you'll never actually get signed in to MSN you won't get disconnected anymore when using MSNSpy!

  • Optimized contact checks

Finally, I made the way the script checks if a contact is blocking you faster by reducing the number of requests and at the same time bulletproofed it against false positives. Still, don't go medieval on your favorite stalkee just because MSNSpy told you she's been blocking you all this time. While I coded around Live Spaces' many quirks, it's still possible that I missed one. More likely though, she really blocked you. Sorry dude.

Source code

As always, I make the source code of my toys freely available for your to educate yourself, re-use as you see fit or wipe your ass with.
All I ask is that you credit me and/or link to this blog entry...

Merry christmas to you and the "friends" who thought they could block you with impunity!