"Scheduled global CPU outage"

23 December 2008

SimpleComet, HTTP streaming and toilet scrubbing

Comet is a fancy buzzword used to describe the latest trend in web development: realtime updates pushed directly to clients! It sounds sweet and quite frankly, it really is, but the catch is that neither browsers nor servers were originally designed to work this way. The result is that Comet, while a nice concept on paper, ends up being a pain in the ass to implement. Well, used to anyway thanks to yours truly who developed an easy-to-use Javascript/PHP Comet library!

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18 December 2008

MSNSpy, reloaded

You may not know this but a few days ago, Microsoft updated Windows Live Spaces! Here are some of the exciting new features:

  • Still useless compared to Facebook.
  • Broke MSNSpy.

While I don't think anybody can do anything about the former, I was able to fix the later.

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18 February 2008

MSNSpy, disconnecting people

Ever wanted to know for sure who's been blocking you on MSN? And who removed you from their contact list? Well thanks to sunday afternoon boredom, it's now possible! You've got two choices here. You can either read the entire article if you're into that kind of thing or head directly there to try for yourself! Of course, the staff (meaning me) decline all responsibility in case of self-esteem wounds after you find out why your high school crush has been "offline" all this time.

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